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Ed Sheeran writing ‘rap-metal record’

Ed Sheeran reveals his new album is somewhat of a musical hodgepodge composed of a multitude of genres.

The Grammy-nominated British singer-and-songwriter is currently composing the follow-up to his debut 2011 release +.

Ed jokes that his fan base might alter drastically after his new music hits the shelves.

"It's probably closer to a hip-hop record to be honest, at the moment, but who knows, it might turn into a rap-metal record?" he laughed to MTV.

"I'll buy a Yankees hat and turn it backwards. [Wear some] cut-off shorts ... and find loads of kids that just want to beat each other up and do a show. I'll become Ed Durst."

Ed is exploring entirely new realms of sounds for the upcoming LP.

He has a lot of music to share.

"I'm actually writing very specific songs to genres at the moment; I've got a whole album of one genre and enough to make another of another genre," Ed explained. "I want to release all of it now, but obviously you have to stagger things a little bit. But it's been good; I've been writing more than I've ever written in my entire life. I've written a lot recently."

Ed has no idea when the album will be available to the public.

He is still putting the finishing touches on the tunes.

"It depends when I deliver it. If I deliver it to the label by the end of the year, it can come out early next year," he said. "And if I don't deliver it by the end of the year, then I don't know, I might just leak it. Put it on Limewire or something."

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