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Eddie Marsan nods off to kids' films

Eddie Marsan knew How to Train Your Dragon 2 was good because he didn't doze off.

The Filth star is married to make-up artist Janine Schneider and they have four children together.

He likes to indulge their love of animated films by taking them to the cinema - but only because it normally gives him the chance to have a little nap.

"It was probably How to Train Your Dragon 2," he answered Empire magazine when asked about the last movie that surprised him.

"I stayed awake. Usually, when I take my kids to movies, they are quiet and they don't need any attention for two hours so you can fall asleep. I didn't fall asleep in How to Train Your Dragon 2. I kept awake. My kids loved it. It was a great film."

Eddie, 46, is about to hit the screen with drama God's Pocket, one of Philip Seymour Hoffman's last films. It's a gritty tale about the lives of working class men and how they deal with a local's murder.

The actor also opened up about the last feature that really got him thinking.

"I think it was probably 12 Years a Slave," he said.

"Chiwetel's [Ejiofor] performance was fantastic. It was unflinching and uncomfortable to watch, but in a good way. I love [director] Steve McQueen's films."

Eddie's love of movies started at a young age, when his father took him to see Disney's Robin Hood at the cinema.

"I just remember it being really light when we went in, really enjoying it, then being amazed when it was dark when we came out into Leicester Square," he laughed.

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