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Eddie Redmayne's ham horror

Eddie Redmayne had a culinary disaster when preparing food for Christmas.

The 32-year-old, who married Hannah Bagshawe yesterday, likes to get involved in preparing food on Christmas Day.

But he's had mixed success when it comes to his favourite dish.

"I like to make a Christmas ham," he told the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show. "A couple of years ago I said to my mum, 'Can we have a Christmas ham?' and she said, 'Yeah if you cook it,' so I then found [a book by British cook] Delia Smith and I tried to bake a ham. It was good apart from the fact that I forgot that you have to soak hams, so my family ate it and they really liked it but they all woke up in the middle of the night parched, their tongues dry as there was so much salt in there."

Despite his oversight, Eddie is planning to have another go this year and hopefully impress his new spouse.

It's been a busy year for the handsome star, as well as tying the knot at a Babington House in Somerset, England, he is also busy promoting his latest movie, The Theory of Everything. The film focuses on the relationship between renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and his first wife Jane and Eddie has already been nominated for the best actor SAG, Golden Globe and Critics' Choice Awards.

Eddie has previously spoken about how nervous he was at meeting the 72-year-old. And he admitted to breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw that he was desperate for Stephen's praise.

"Secretly I was looking for approval, I wanted him to go, 'Eddie, so thrilled you're playing this part, love you, love your work, go ahead and be,' and of course I didn't get any of that," he laughed. "He's an astute man and he was going to wait to see the film and give his opinion. He's been very kind which is amazing."

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