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Edward Norton: Oscars have made me popular!

Edward Norton has joked about what he’ll say to fellow best supporting actor Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo on the night of the awards.

The 45-year-old star is up for best supporting actor for his role as method performer in Birdman at the 87th Academy Awards, which take place next month. On top of this the movie is up for best picture, a category which also includes Edward’s recent film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Speaking to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel about which he’ll be backing at the ceremony, Edward insisted he’s just pleased to be recognised for his hard work.

“These nominations, it’s better than a punch in the face but I have to say, none of it is more fun than making movies like that. I think, you know, Wes Anderson [The Grand Budapest Hotel director] is one of the great filmmakers of my generation and he’s a fun, fun person. And Alejandro [González] Iñárritu [Birdman director], who’s a masterful filmmaker, is also this exuberant [person],” he explained.

“[It feels like] you’re named homecoming king in your junior year in college, for your high school. How many lines did I have in each?

"This year there are more of my friends and long time colleagues in the mix for this whole thing than I can ever remember, and it’s really fun.”

One pal Edward is up against is Mark Ruffalo, whose role as wrestler Dave Schultz in Foxcatcher put him in the running for best supporting actor. Jimmy suggested Edward should walk in with confidence on the night and make his presence known.

“Turn to Ruffalo and say, ‘I’m gonna end you tonight,'” the actor laughed to the idea.

Edward’s love of movies began at a young age, visiting the theatre with his parents and watching films on a Sunday afternoon with his dad. He also tried his hand at amateur filmmaking with his buddies, and they had their own way of shooting a short flick.

“My friends and I used to take, you remember the video cameras you had to put an entire VHS into, and we would make little films just using the pause button as our cut, you know what I mean?” he smiled.

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