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Efron's awkward sex scenes

Zac Efron found filming his That Awkward Moment sex scenes "weird".

The 26-year-old star acts out some intimate scenes in his new film That Awkward Moment. He, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller play three friends trying to work out their romantic relationships in the feature.

As Zac shot one raunchy scene in a toilet he admits he couldn't help but compare it to real life.

"All I kept thinking was that in real life, I wouldn't use that technique," he laughed to

"It was a weird day of filming. While Miles' bathroom was small, at least no one was in with him. Mine was just an elevated toilet in the middle of a room that was built just for this reason, and I was with a bunch of people. That was really awkward."

Zac had a turbulent year in 2013. He checked into rehab to deal with addiction issues, but has now been sober for more than half a year.

The handsome actor is pleased to be throwing himself into work again and gained some valuable experience while overcoming his troubles.

"Thank you, and I appreciate the compliment. I'm so happy, and I feel like I'm in a great place. I'm glad that I'm really here to share this moment with everybody, and be present for all of it," he smiled when told by the interviewer he gave an amazing performance in That Awkward Moment.

"It was an interesting year. I've learned so many things. But the best part of it was being able to reflect on this experience, and realise how much I have learned from it, and the man I want to be. Coming back to New York with these guys, and just being here in this moment, exemplifies it. I'm so happy to be here."

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