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Eisenberg: Dark roles are confusing

Jesse Eisenberg has his own way of switching off after work which ensures his emotional wellbeing doesn't get too affected by playing dark characters.

The American actor has fast become one of the hottest names in Hollywood, playing everything from a zombie killing hero to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

He recently took on the parts of both Simon and James in dark thriller The Double, and reveals playing more sinister characters doesn't take a toll on his emotional wellbeing as he knows exactly how to switch off.

"You talk to your family at night. Get away from things. I’m also not a psychopath, so I know it’s fake. But sometimes it can be confusing," Jesse admitted to British magazine Shortlist.

The Double was directed by Richard Ayoade, who has been open with his praise and admiration of working with Jesse.

Jesse is equally as complimentary, admiring the British star's ability to get the best out of his subjects.

"He’s endlessly patient," Jesse smiled. "I’ve never really seen it before, frankly. He would have all these wonderful ideas, but he would make them feel like they were yours."

With four new films currently in production, Jesse's workload shows no sign of easing up.

One of these movies sees the 30-year-old play Lex Luther in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which got both comic fans and his own followers brimming with excitement. The internet exploded with news of the casting but Jesse confesses he actually doesn't pay attention to what is written about him online.

"I was told there would be a reaction, but the great thing about the internet is you have to go looking," he revealed.

"Of course I don’t look for anything like that, because people are there to say mean things. If somebody wants to say something nice they’ll do it in person or forget about it. You learn very early on to not look. Unless you’re some kind of masochist."

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