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Eisenberg: Fans can talk to me

Jesse Eisenberg is in the mindset of there could be worse things in life than your fans coming up to you in the street.

The American actor is recognisable for roles in movies such as The Social Network and Now You See Me, and often gets spotted when he's out and about.

Jesse understands that having strangers talk to you comes part and parcel with being a Hollywood star, and having conversations with unknowns doesn't faze him.

"I get noticed a lot but it's hard to modulate if you're an actor. If the downside is people on the street saying 'Hi'... there are worse things," Jesse explained to British newspaper The Metro.

"I haven't said anything controversial. I passed a poster today with Mel Gibson [for The Expendables 3] and thought 'Oh, he's in another movie! I wonder if people ask him [about past controversial comments]'."

Keeping his own name out of the headlines is easy for the 30-year-old actor, as he leads a relatively low-key life.

"I have nothing interesting going on! I can't imagine what the incentive would be to invade it. I don't have a pool shaped like a dollar sign. I have it shaped in the sign of a cent!" he laughed.

Currently Jesse has four new movies in the pipeline, one of which is the new Batman v Superman flick where he takes on the role as villain Lex Luthor.

He's also just wrapped on American Ultra, where he stars alongside Kristen Stewart. The pair have collaborated before, with Jesse admitting he was a lot less apprehensive around the Twilight actress this time.

"It is. Also my character in Adventureland [movie] was nervous around her, but in this movie we play this really sweet couple. She's my only friend and we're really in love. So it was more comfortable to act in.

"Yeah [I'm more confident now I'm 30], but you end up feeling a bit of what your character is feeling on set, just because your dynamic with the person is based on what the character's dynamic is," he outlined.

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