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Eisenberg: KStew collab was better second time

Jesse Eisenberg found it easier to play Kristen Stewart's onscreen boyfriend than a guy who has a crush on her.

The 31-year-old actor starred opposite the brunette beauty in 2009 movie Adventureland, playing co-workers at a theme park during the summer break.

They reunite in upcoming flick American Ultra where Jesse plays a government agent/stoner who is targeted for extermination and Kristen is his girlfriend. The star previously admitted he felt daunted in Kristen's presence, but it wasn't the case this time round.

"I was [a lot more at ease]," he nodded to Total Film. "Also my character in Adventureland was nervous around her, and in this movie we play this really sweet couple. She's my only friend and we're really in love. So it was more uncomfortable to act in.

"[With characters] you end up feeling a little bit of what the role is feeling, just because your dynamic on set with the person is based on what the character's dynamic is."

Kristen jumped at the chance to work alongside Jesse again, coming up with the suggestion that the pals should make a movie together at least every five years.

While Jesse's alter ego is more soppy and romantic, Kristen's feisty Phoebe is a lot more down to earth and the actress was able to relate to her well.

"Phoebe is sort of straight-forward and sweet, fairly unassuming girl," Kristen explained. "I didn't have to bring any quirks to her; I didn't have to bring any certain things that make her very much different from me."

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