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Elba 'slept in van after split'

Idris Elba went through a rough time when divorcing from his then-pregnant wife.

The British actor married his ex-wife in the US when he was 26 after they had relocated from London.

However, there was soon a strain on their relationship because of the culture difference and the couple realised they couldn't make it work. Idris' wife was expecting their daughter Isan at the time and he let her have their apartment, while he would often find himself sleeping in his vehicle.

"The apartment we had lived in together was in Jersey City. So when I left, I was sofa-hopping here and there and got to a place where I was parking it in Jersey somewhere and just camping down for the night," he recalled to the October issue of British magazine GQ.

During the time he spent without a home the 41-year-old star thought a lot about his life. He had moved to America to find a job but was struggling to land any acting roles.

Idris was also deeply upset over his failed marriage and the stress that came with expecting a child.

"I mean, it was like, 'F**k, where did I go wrong?' I had a lot of promise in England, you know?" he sighed. "'What the f**k are you doing here? Your visa's going to run out soon. You're going to have a baby. What the f**k are you doing?' That's what's going through my head."

He went on to find fame in US TV show The Wire and has appeared in blockbuster movies such as Pacific Rim, Thor and Prometheus. Idris insists he isn't going to let anything stop him from doing what he loves and doesn't worry what other people will think.

"Now that I've achieved some of the things that I've wanted to achieve, I'm not going to be a slave to it all of a sudden," he stated. "I respect the artist that lives that way. The people that just go, 'You're going to hate me for what I just did, or you're not going to understand why I made that film or that record or whatever, but what you are watching is someone that's living their life.' You know: I'm not watching you; you're watching me."

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