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Elisabeth Moss: Draper hook-up is too obvious

Elisabeth Moss says her Mad Men character would have "totally hooked up" with Jon Hamm's on any other TV show.

The actress plays secretary-turned-copywriter Peggy Olson on the popular AMC series. She becomes Jon's character Don Draper's second-in-command in the creative department at his advertising firm.

Don is a famed womaniser, but Peggy has resisted his charms in favour of her job. Elisabeth is thrilled with her character's headstrong mentality.

"On any other show, they would have totally hooked up - that would have been the obvious choice," she told Stylist magazine. "But we don't do that and I think that's one of the great virtues of the show. It's allowed them to have a much deeper and more important relationship.

"The reason women are mad about him is obvious! But Peggy knows that her job and her work are more important to her. She knows not to go there. They have a deeper relationship that is more interesting to the both of them too maybe."

Mad Men is set in the '60s. Elisabeth has revealed what she would bring back to the present day if she could go back in time to the famously-stylish era.

"The furniture. Honestly, that Sixties thing is totally my style - the low couches, the low chairs, the bright colours... I love that," she said.

Elisabeth also discussed what she thought about Mad Men in the initial stages.

When asked if she thought the series would be a hit or if it would be axed after a few episodes, the star revealed her bleak outlook.

"More of the latter!" she exclaimed. "I thought it was really smart but not very fast with not a lot of action, much more character-driven. We are continually shocked by the reception, the awards, the recognition and the fact that it keeps going."

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