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Elisabeth Moss proud of feminist role

Elisabeth Moss feels "thoroughly lucky" that she gets to tell the story of feminist icon Peggy Olson.

The actress plays the ambitious secretary-turned-copywriter on the popular AMC series, Mad Men. Elisabeth is so glad she portrays the ambitious character - who symbolises the strength of women in the '60s.

"I think she represents what feminism is really about: equal opportunities, being respected and being heard. For Peggy, the term 'glass ceiling' didn't exist. She wasn't necessarily aware of feminism. She wasn't trying to make a stand. She just wanted to be respected and treated the same as everyone else because she has good ideas," she explained in an interview with Stylist magazine.

"That's something that women today still feel but they don't want to make a big deal out of it. You just want to be able to have your ideas heard. I am thoroughly lucky that I get to tell that story because it's an important story for all women today."

Elisabeth has given her view on women's rights these days. The 29-year-old star is disappointed by the lack of advancements made in recent years.

"In a lot of ways there has been some incredible improvement But I don't know that the objectification of women has gotten much better," she said.

"You could argue it has gotten a lot worse. At least in the Sixties, women got a better sense of respect and decorum. Now I feel like it's all gone out of the window."

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