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Elisabeth Moss: Sexism is not OK

Elisabeth Moss feels lucky to be part of a "progressive" family that supports equality.

The actress is best known for playing Peggy Olson in Mad Men, which focuses on an advertising agency in the 60s.

Considering the era, her character is a very progressive woman, who believes fiercely in gender equality. In real life, Elisabeth has very similar values.

“I’ve never faced the kinds of challenges Peggy did,” she explained to New York Daily News. “I grew up in a progressive family and I've worked with a lot of women who have been supportive.

“I think if I found myself in a situation where I were taken less seriously because I'm a woman, that would stop pretty quickly.”

While the 32-year-old's experiences have been largely positive, she admits there is still a way to go, due to the continuing pay gap.

It's almost time for Elisabeth to say goodbye to Peggy, as Mad Men will come to an end with its seventh series, which airs this month.

Despite it being the end of an era, Elisabeth looks to this new chapter of her life with positivity.

"Peggy will always be part of me,” she smiled. “Just like there’s a lot of me in her. After nine years, she’s almost like her own person.

“But when I did Top of the Lake [2013 TV miniseries], I think I proved to myself that I could do other things, too. I'm 32. I've got a little time left.”

Next up is the release of Meadowland, a drama due out later this month. It also stars Olivia Wilde and Juno Temple.

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