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Elizabeth Banks: Distance strengthens marriage

Elizabeth Banks believes that being apart from her husband "strengthens" her marriage.

The actress revealed she enjoys embarking on solo adventures.

The Hollywood star loves to take trips either on her own or with her friends, but appreciates the time she gets to spend with her other half as a result.

"I love spending time without my husband. I like travelling alone or I spend the weekend with a friend. We are often separated. That strengthens our love," she told German TV channel Tele 5.

Elizabeth also shared her secret for overcoming marital differences.

The Hunger Games star has been married to her college sweetheart Max Handelman since 2003 and said that looking at the bigger picture helps her to let go of small annoyances.

"I can't imagine my future without him. I always think in big steps. If there are problems in my marriage I think about how it will look 50 years from now," she explained. "Will I still be upset about it or am I able to live with it at one point?

"Most of the time I realise that it won't bother me in the long run and immediately I can let go."

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