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Elizabeth Banks: Down memory lane with Love & Mercy

Elizabeth Banks was reminded of her childhood while filming Love & Mercy.

The blonde actress stars in the upcoming biopic Love & Mercy, which follows frontman Brian Wilson's struggle with psychosis.

With hits such as California Girls and Good Vibrations, Elizabeth only has positive recollections when listening to the group's tunes.

"To me, the music evokes pictures in my mind of being very, very young - six, seven years old. Early, early memories. Happy times and summer and my mother being really happy!" she smiled to Total Film magazine.

"The main records I remember her playing were Beach Boys, Beatles and The Moody Blues, which I loved. Those are my memories: being young and singing along in the car."

John Cusack plays Brian, with Elizabeth portraying his wife-and-manager Melinda. Elizabeth found it an emotional project, especially as Brian is alive and doing well after his mental health problems.

Despite never having worked together before, John and the 41-year-old beauty got along well on and off set.

"He came when I was meeting Melina for the first time. We were sitting in this diner for a couple of hours," Elizabeth recalled. "He came, he was supposed to meet her after, but of course I was still there. I couldn't get enough of her! So the three of us started hanging out. It was a very intense afternoon."

John also got massively caught up in the feature and his role, praising Brian and putting him up alongside the likes of The Beatles.

"He was a real bona fide genius," he actor gushed.

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