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Elizabeth Banks scared Germans would 'hate' her

Elizabeth Banks has joked about "starting trouble" in Germany.

The actress has turned director for the sequel to the 2012 film, which is about a group of college students who love singing. This time around, The Barden Bellas take on a formidable singing team from Germany called Das Sound Machine and as they are the bad guys, Elizabeth was apprehensive about promoting the flick in Berlin.

"When we were in Berlin I was so nervous because we've made the villains of the movie German, I was bracing myself. We make this joke in the movie that they whole world hates us and that's why Americans never win these a capella competitions. All they wanted to know was, 'In America do you really believe that the whole world hates you?' They were like, ''Cause we do. It's kinda a true thing,'" she laughed to US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. "And then they were like, 'And do you also believe that we are superior a capella singers?' I was like, 'Sure guys, yeah, absolutely.' You don't wanna start trouble over there."

Pitch Perfect has something of a cult following, even among people who weren't its target audience. Jimmy revealed his mother throws parties for her friends where they all sing along to the songs in the flick, which isn't the first time Elizabeth has heard of the phenomenon.

In fact, there are several famous faces for can't get enough of it.

"One of my favourite things was - I was a huge Dave Chappelle fan. I am a huge Dave Chappelle fan. As if he's gone! Well where the hell are you Dave?! Seeing Dave Chappelle is like seeing Bigfoot at this point," Elizabeth giggled. "Well I knew he was alive because I got a forwarded email from the first film, it was forwarded and forwarded and forwarded from a friend, a friend, a friend and it was just like, 'From Dave Chappelle: That Pitch Perfect was funny.' And we were like screaming, it's amazing. Howard Stern is a fan, which makes sense as he has daughters. I heard that [boxer] Floyd Mayweather, it's on his playlist of things to relax to."

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