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Elizabeth Banks: Snoop is the man

Elizabeth Banks says Snoop Dogg couldn't have been nicer when they worked together.

The actress takes on director duties for the musical sequel, which also sees her reprise her role as Gail. This time singing group the Barden Bellas are getting ready for a stiff new contest. There are some surprises in store too, not least that hip-hop star Snoop gets a look in.

"He actually saved my ass!" she laughed to 7GO! "We thought we would get 50 Cent and I don’t really [know] what happened but basically Snoop came in very late in the process and of course I was thrilled because he’s amazing. He’s so professional and he totally owned it. Snoop has kids, he loved the first movie and he couldn’t have been nicer. He took pictures of the entire crew – I have nothing but [praise] for Snoop."

Not everything on set went quite as easily though. Rebel Wilson has been open about the wardrobe malfunctions she suffered, previously joking she had a "conscious uncoupling" from her unitard in one scene.

While that was funny, it left Elizabeth with a headache when it came to the movie's rating.

"We definitely had to cut some of them because we crossed some lines," she said of the jokes. "One example is Rebel’s vagina: we had to shoot that many different ways to figure out if we can pixelate it. What can we really show, what not? And that’s in the first three minutes of the movie! And then also: how many times can you say vagina? Turns out: not that many. They are very afraid of the vagina."

This isn't the only flick Elizabeth has been working on. She also has a part in stripper sequel Magic Mike XXL, which stars Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and Donald Glover.

The actress had a blast on set, and she came away with some mementos.

"It actually was a great mental break! I was so happy for it. I was in the middle of editing Pitch Perfect 2 and it is always good to just take a mental break. I only went for three days to shoot my parts in Magic Mike though," she said, before being asked how many almost naked men she saw.

"I saw all of them. I have photos on my phone."

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