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Elizabeth Banks: Young co-stars keep me feeling fresh

Elizabeth Banks thinks men rely on women to buy luxuries as they can't afford them on their salary alone.

The gorgeous actress looks deceivingly younger than her 41 years and with her recent step into directing with Pitch Perfect 2, she's beginning a new chapter in her career.

Over the years she has understood how the industry works with casting, such as men having broader roles than their female counterparts.

“The men all get older and all the women stay the same age. My male peers in this business would rather be in a romantic relationship in a film with a 28-year-old. I’ll give you that. But it’s for the exact same reason I would prefer to be in a movie with Zac Efron!” she told Flaunt magazine.

“Because they’re beautiful! They’re sexy! They keep you feeling young, fresh! I guess my point is that I understand the impulse."

Elizabeth believes women have more pressure to get into work than men, which she first witnessed when her mother went to work at a library as soon as the kids were in school. Elizabeth never had a nanny or babysitter as her mum was keen to both look after her family and earn a living.

"Women want to work because what we realised is that when you take that time to go away for six years and get your kids into first grade, people don’t hire you. They f**king forget about you," she fumed. "It’s bad for you, if you actually want to work and make money. And men want us to make money because they like having boats. They like going on vacations. They like motorcycles. And they’re not getting them on their salary alone."

Elizabeth's outspoken nature was present when she was behind the camera for the musical flick too. She didn't feel the need to like everyone she was collaborating with, just so long as she was able to respect them and they worked hard.

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