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Elizabeth Hurley 'hates' being surrounded by men

Elizabeth Hurley hates being in all-male company - "unless it's all gay" then she's "fine".

The British star has a mixed group of friends and enjoys being around women as much as men. She feels uncomfortable if she is with a solely male group, although she gets along famously with homosexuals.

"I've got lots of both male and female friends and I value them all - their gender is immaterial," she told Amuse magazine.

"I get on equally well with both sexes. I like female company or mixed company but hate being the only girl in all-male company - unless it's all gay, in which case I'm fine!"

Elizabeth is engaged to cricket star Shane Warne and has ten-year-old son Damian from a previous relationship.

She is very close to Damian and Elizabeth is proud of the young man her son is turning into.

"I am more like an Italian mother than an English one and think he's the bee's knees," she gushed.

"I'm pretty strict and he's very well-behaved. He has been very well socialised from a young age and I can take him anywhere. [He] spent a month or so with me in New York over the summer while I was filming Gossip Girl and he loved it. He ran through my lines with me every night. He thought it was the most exciting thing that ever happened. He got to be in my trailer and hang out on a film set, which is what he has longed for his entire life."

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