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Elizabeth Hurley: My parrot is rude

Elizabeth Hurley isn't a fan of her parrot's Twitter page as the bird is "incredibly rude" about her on it.

The British star has a farm and enjoys spending time with her animals. She has four dogs who help keep her fit, although she isn't quite so sure about her pet parrot.

"I have three Labradors and a spaniel, all of whom are a lot fitter than me," she explained.

"I also have a blue-fronted Amazonian parrot called Ping Pong. She is enchanting and can imitate the dogs, cackle, wolf whistle and talk like a human. She has her own Twitter account of which I don't really approve, as she's often incredibly rude about me."

Elizabeth loves using the social networking website herself. She finds it a great way of keeping in touch with fans and loves announcing things on the site.

"I don't take tweeting very seriously and most of my tweets are extremely silly," she told Amuse magazine. "Press releases are virtually extinct; now, if I have anything to say, I'll tweet it I only do it for a few minutes a day but I enjoy it."

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