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Elizabeth Hurley's son is wedding planner

Elizabeth Hurley's son is planning her wedding.

The actress says ten-year-old Damian can't wait to see her marry her fiancé Shane Warne. The pair got engaged in September last year, but are yet to choose a date for the nuptials. Elizabeth is still working on details for the ceremony and her son is happy to act as wedding organiser.

"Damian wants to plan everything. We haven't [chosen a date yet]," she told Gala France. "Our priority was that everyone gets to know each other and likes each other. This takes time. But arranging a wedding date is one of our goals."

Elizabeth, 46, and Shane want to make sure their children are happy and settled before they tie the knot. While the British star has Damian from a previous relationship, former Australian cricket star Shane has three children with his ex-wife.

The Gossip Girl actress is enjoying getting to know Shane's children and admits it has been a learning curve to spend time with older kids.

"Shane is used to managing three children so one more is not a big change. For me, it was quite different!" she explained. "I feel like I have had accelerated lessons about teenagers. But I am lucky: Brooke, Jackson and Summer are adorable. They call me 'M2', which means 'Mum 2'."

Earlier this month, Shane and Elizabeth revealed they are planning to get married in both Australia and the UK next year. They are eager to share their special day with loved ones from their respective homelands.

Elizabeth has no doubt that the 42-year-old sports star is the perfect man for her.

"We are a lot like each other: we are both hyperactive and quite messy," she laughed.

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