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Elle Fanning: I beat up Dakota

Hollywood star Elle Fanning admits she and fellow actress sister Dakota used to fight “all the time”.

Actress Elle Fanning used to “beat up” her older sister Dakota because she had a height advantage.

The siblings are both making their mark on Hollywood, with Elle, 17, appearing alongside Bryan Cranston in upcoming Trumbo and 21-year-old Dakota working with Guy Pearce on thriller Brimstone.

While there’s not too much sibling rivalry these days, there was a time when the sisters didn’t see eye to eye.

"When we were little we would fight all the time," Elle laughed to Nylon magazine. "I'm taller, so I would be the one beating her up."

Elle doesn’t have too much time for fighting lately, as she’s so busy with work. Of particular interest is About Ray, in which she plays the transgender title character as he transitions from female to male. In order to explore the topic, Elle spoke to people within the transgender community and was incredibly grateful for their willingness to talk to her.

"They opened up to me in the most incredible way — I'm just a stranger who’s doing a movie, but they told me their different journeys and even little details like what chest binder brand is the best one, like, 'They all suck, but this one’s all right,'" she marvelled. "They were so helpful."

While it was Dakota who starred in alien flick War of the Worlds back in 2005, Elle also broached the topic of supernatural life with the magazine.

"I think about them," she mused when asked about aliens. "I don't think we’re the only thing in millions of galaxies. Maybe we'll never meet them, maybe we’ll never know about them, but there has to be something, right? I think so."

Fans can see Elle in About Ray from November 2015.

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