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Elle Fanning too busy for Breaking Bad

Elle Fanning has never watched Breaking Bad, but says her friends are big fans and are excited she gets to work with Bryan Cranston.

The blonde star is currently filming new flick Trumbo opposite Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston.

The actor won countless awards for his portrayal of high school teacher-turned-meth maker Walter White, and the show has garnered a global fan base. However, one person who never tuned in is Elle.

"I feel like I always have homework to do so I don't want much TV so I haven't seen it," she confessed to Collider.

"It could be [too old for me as well]. A lot of my friends watch it, they loved it. They were like, 'It's like the best thing ever'. But they're very excited that I'm working with him. Very cool."

Trumbo is just one of five new projects the 16-year-old is currently working on. She's already had a mammoth year, which has seen her star as Princess Aurora in Maleficent opposite Angelina Jolie.

She also had her first foray into stop motion animation with movie The Boxtrolls, released earlier this month. She voices Winnie in the fun tale about a young orphaned boy raised by underground cave-dwelling trash collectors and his quest to save his friends from an evil exterminator.

"They did give me a Winnie... I don't have one of the Winnie puppets, but I do have a Winnie statue. So I have her, she's not moveable, but she's in her stance with her hands on her hips. So I have that," Elle smiled.

The young actress has been working in Hollywood since childhood, so is used to being on film sets. However, making The Boxtrolls was a brand new experience for her.

"I was surprised when... I did go back up there and look at the sets and how they did it. It's really like a movie set, like it's a complete set. They have hair and make-up, they have wardrobe, they have lighting, they have little greenery guys who put all the plants in. It's unreal. They even say, 'Action, go,' it's not just people on computers," she explained.

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