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Ellen Page surprised people assumed she was straight

Ellen Page felt as though she was out even before making it official.

Ellen Page was always surprised when people assumed she was straight before she came out.

The Juno star announced she was gay in February 2014, expressing how "tired" she was of "lying". Now she's happily dating artist-and-surfer Samantha Thomas and they regularly attend red-carpet events together. When asked why she didn't come out sooner, the star admitted there were career concerns and that in her eyes, she was quite obviously gay.

"I was worried about the impact on my career even though I don't think many people in the industry were surprised when I came out," she admitted to Diva magazine. "I had been as out as you possibly can without announcing it and it would always come as a surprise to me if someone would meet me and wouldn't assume I was gay."

Ellen, 28, has become an ambassador for the LGBT community and tells an important story with her new film Freeheld. Starring alongside Julianne Moore, 55, the drama focuses on a lesbian couple that struggles to secure pension benefits for one when the other is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

"It was an amazing feeling to play a lesbian," Ellen smiled. "I experienced this beautiful kind of realisation that I was playing a gay woman who was such an inspiration to me. I had not felt such a sense of calm and sense of self-fulfilment since I was a teenager and starting out as an actor."

Freeheld's story is based on the real case of a lesbian couple. It made it even more important for Ellen and Julianne to get their tale out there.

"It makes it more tangible," she reasoned. "Our film shows the practical consequences that flow from the lack of equality that the LGBT community suffers from and how society needs to address those issues."

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