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Ellie Goulding talks show detox

Ellie Goulding didn't drink while touring with fun-loving Bruno Mars.

The British popstar is a regular at festivals and enjoys a drink or two before she goes on stage. However, she's always careful not to get drunk before performing.

Ellie joined Calvin Harris and Kendrick Lamar at the Bacardi Triangle festival in Puerto Rico this weekend, admitting her pre-show ritual backstage.

"If I have a little bit of drink, I just feel a bit more pumped and excited but I don't get drunk - that would be bad," Ellie told British newspaper Metro.

"I always have a drink before I perform. The only time I didn't do that was when I thought I needed a bit of a break. I was on the Bruno Mars tour and that was probably the worst time not to drink. They all love to party and have fun. So I used that as my time to have a break. That was two years ago. I should probably do that again and have a detox!"

One person who will no doubt champion 27-year-old Ellie's booze ban is her current musician boyfriend Dougie Poynter, who is teetotal.

The blonde star has been linked to string of hot men in the past, including Ed Sheeran and One Direction heartthrob Niall Horan, but it's Dougie who had the biggest impact on her.

"I have to be really impressed," she said when quizzed on how a man could win her over. "It depends how many drinks I've had but if I'm stone cold sober it would have to be pretty epic."

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