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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Ellis-Bextor nurses Strictly bumps

Sophie Ellis-Bextor's confidence took a knock after she landed on her head during training

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Sophie Ellis-Bextor is nursing bumps and bruises after partner Brendan Cole dropped her on her head during training.

It was not quite Murder On The Dancefloor, but the chart star could have suffered a nasty injury when their rehearsals for a Charleston went wrong and she crashed to the floor upside down.

Sophie, 34, was already nervous about the dance and had to lie in an unlit room to recover from the bash she received while they practised.

Brendan has been on the series since it began in 2004, but he has never performed a Charleston on the BBC One show since they were introduced four years ago.

He said: "Previously, I've always avoided it; it's not really my bag.

"I can do it, and I have actually really enjoyed putting the choreography together.

"One of the tricks in particular, I lay back and flip Sophie over my head and unfortunately in rehearsals she actually landed on her head - first fear was 'Are you alright?'."

Sophie, who has been nervous about injuring herself with the high-risk moves, said: "I had to lie down in a dark room afterwards.

"I am so scared of it, but I know we should just do it.

"I don't want to be frightened of it.

"The routine that we are working on is pretty high energy, quite a work out.

"I have got some impressive bruises and I end the routine out of puff.

"When I first fell on my head my confidence was really dented."

Brendan added: "It is a very ambitious routine, I don't believe in doing the minimum but the maximum.

"I say push her and see what happens."

They will be seen performing their routine on Saturday's show.

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