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Elmore Leonard dies aged 87

Crime novelist Elmore Leonard has died after suffering a stroke earlier this month.

Known for penning novels such as Get Shorty and Maximum Bob, he died at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke.

A statement on his official website reads Elmore passed this morning "surrounded by his loving family".

Elmore suffered the stroke earlier this month and had been spending time in hospital, with the Detroit News saying he died at home.

The writer had put his name to 45 novels and was in the process of finishing his 46th.

His crime books inspired a number of films and titles Pronto and Riding the Rap spawned TV crime drama Justified.

His 1978 novel The Switch was also brought to life on screen this year as Life of Crime.

Hombre, 3.10 to Yuma, Get Shorty and Rum Punch also all inspired films, with Quentin Tarantino helming the last one under the title Jackie Brown.

Elmore was known for his sparse script and prior to his death revealed how happy he was with most adaptations, including Justified.

"I’m not in much contact with the [producers and writers]. We get together for appearances sometimes, which is great. I hear the writers wear wristbands: WWED: What Would Elmore Do?" he previously told LA Times Magazine.

"Writers—all writers, even screenwriters—like to make their mark. I don’t think many screenwriters can write. They pass as writers. But it’s not like that with this show. When they sent me the first script, I read it and didn’t see a word to change. It was perfect."

Elmore leaves behind five children, 12 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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