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Elton hides 'monstrous' side

Sir Elton John used to fear he would be "irritable" with his children.

The British singer and his partner David Furnish are parents to Zachary, two, and eight-month-old Elijah, who were both born using the same surrogate.

The 66-year-old star has found fatherhood much easier than he expected and has come up with staunch rules for himself, some based on his own upbringing.

"I always thought I might be really irritable with kids, but no way. Both my parents had tempers and it frightened the sh*t out of me. I don't ever want to display that in front of the children. In the past, particularly when I was on drugs, there was a monstrous side to me, but I'm not really like that. I can be like that briefly, but everyone can. People say: 'Look, he's a f**king monster.' Hang around anybody in f**king showbiz, baby, and you'll see! We all have our sides like that," he told British newspaper The Guardian.

Earlier this year Elton fell ill with appendicitis, which was initially misdiagnosed. It meant he continued jetting around the world and performing while incredibly unwell and admits he is lucky to be alive.

"I was in a lot of pain, and I was hallucinating from the morphine and the anaesthetic," he recalled. "I didn't sleep for four days; it was like being on speed. I was hallucinating like mad, which was, you know, amusing for the people around me."

He is now recovered and the experience has made him totally rethink the way he lives his life. Elton will freely admit he used to live for his work and enjoyed pushing himself. If he played a huge amount of shows one year he would try to beat that number over the next 12 months, but things are now changing.

"I'm very proud of doing over 200 flights a year. Why are you so proud? It's f**king killing you. After I was ill, I sat down with David and had to admit to my addiction: 'David, I can't stop working,'" he revealed. "I always run away with it. The horse bolts, like with the cocaine and everything like that. So it's just a wonderful wakeup call."

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