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Emilia Clarke: Channing so sexy

Emilia Clarke will never forget when her Game of Thrones co-star Iain Glen commented on her breasts.

The British actress is now rubbing shoulders with A-listers thanks to her role as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, which has gained her global fame.

That's not to say she's managed to tone down her inner fangirl though, as was recently proven during a star-studded event.

"I was at a Golden Globes after party, and Channing f**king Tatum came up to me, and his stunning missus, Jenna Dewan[-Tatum]," Emilia recalled to the US edition of Harper's Bazaar.

"And they said, 'We call each other "moon of my life" and "my sun and stars,"' and all that. And I was like, 'I cannot contain this. Please, can we all have something sexual together? You're both beautiful, even just a hug.'"

Emilia often dazzles on the red carpet and looks stunning in her photoshoot for the publication, which sees her in a red lace dress and matching feather boa on the cover. However she's a far cry from a lady in Game of Thrones, which is set in medieval times and also stars the likes of Kit Harington and Peter Dinklage.

The programme is now in its fifth series, but it's the finale of the first which Emilia remembers most clearly. It saw her alter ego Daenerys lay naked among smouldering fire embers as baby dragons crawled all over, thus resulting in her becoming the Mother of Dragons.

"The crew was a few cliffs over, so it's me, four or five extras, and Iain Glen [who plays Ser Jorah Mormont]. Iain does this thing where he lifts his head up and his face goes, 'Ahh naked lady,'" Emilia giggled. "But because they were filming too far away, what he said was 'Great t*ts, love.' I'm like, 'The camera's not on you, can you stop commenting on how great you think these breasts are?'"

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