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Emilia Clarke: Terminator was epic

Emilia Clarke found Arnold Schwarzenegger a "joy" to work with.

The British actress stars in the fifth instalment of the Terminator franchise, titled Genisys, and was thrilled to be a part of the action.

And luckily for Emilia, her own traits fitted in well with what her role required.

"I'm American in it - it makes it even more movie-like. It was brilliant, it was epic. I'm gonna sound like an idiot but I didn't realise... When you're watching action movies and you're like, 'Oh cool, special effects,' and then you're doing it and you're like, 'Oh, I actually run! I actually run and I actually fire guns, brilliant,'" she laughed to BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show. "I did a fair few of the stunts. I mean, my driving is pretty reckless anyway, so the whole me crashing every single vehicle I got into was sort of apt. It made sense."

Emilia plays Sarah Connor, who appeared in the first two flicks and has gone from a damsel in distress to a fully-fledged warrior. The 28-year-old joked that she felt quite naive jumping into the project with no hesitations, as people were quick to ask if she'd realised what she'd taken on after signing up.

Terminator has a huge fan following, mainly down to Arnold Schwarzenegger's involvement. He returns as the title Cyborg in this movie after being absent from the last instalment and Emilia loved every minute of working with him.

"He's really funny, and he doesn't take anything seriously, and a joy to have on set," she gushed.

The pair are currently on tour to promote the movie, but for Emilia it's a bit of a struggle. She's in crutches after slipping over and fracturing her hip, though she hopes to come up with a more dramatic story of how she got the injury by the time the tour ends.

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