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Emilia Fox: 'No plans to leave Silent Witness'

Emilia Fox isn't bored of her role in Silent Witness, even after 12 years.

Emilia Fox isn't planning on leaving Silent Witness because she realises how lucky she is to have a job she loves.

The actress has played the role of Dr. Nikki Alexander in the crime drama since 2004 and is still going strong 12 years down the line. It doesn't leave her with too much time outside of the TV show, but Emilia doesn't mind.

"It's a very lucky thing to be able to say that I enjoy going to work, and whilst I still enjoy it, I would stay with it," she assured The Lady magazine.

Silent Witness takes up seven months of Emilia's year, so in the other five she is at leisure to do what she pleases. Rather than take a well-deserved break, 2015 saw her participate in Bear Grylls: Mission Survive. The adventure show involved the 41-year-old jumping out of a helicopter and even drinking her own urine.

"You just get on and do it," she shrugged. "It sort of helped being an actress. We get told to do things in stories and scripts that you wouldn't get asked to do in other walks of life. When it's there in the script, you have to do it, so when it came to being on Bear Grylls it was like, OK, just get on with it. If Bear can do it, I think anyone can do it."

Emilia grew up in a healthy family, which helped her survive the gruelling challenges. Having her daughter Rose also helped.

"My parents have always eaten well, but they've never set foot in a gym and I would like to do much more exercise but I have a five-year-old to run after so that keeps me quite fit, and I definitely eat well because it makes me feel better," she smiled.

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