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Emily Blunt: Meryl’s my toilet saviour

Emily Blunt was glad to have her “mama bear” Meryl Streep on set while making Into the Woods.

Emily plays the barren Baker’s Wife in the fairytale film, which sees Meryl take on the part of the evil Witch.

It’s the second time the British star has teamed up with the iconic actress, following their 2006 hit The Devil Wears Prada. This meant Emily, who found out she was pregnant shortly before shooting began, was in good hands on set.

“Meryl was like a mama bear on set,” she grinned to

“She was always on pee patrol, making sure I got time to pee whenever I wanted to. ‘Guys, cut! Emily needs to use the bathroom – again!’ [Laughs] It was that kind of thing.”

The 31-year-old and her husband John Krasinski welcomed baby daughter Hazel in February this year. She admits it was nerve wracking telling Into the Woods director Rob Marshall she was expecting, as she was playing a character struggling to conceive.

It’s not unusual for movies and TV series to broadcast live versions or episodes and Emily would be happy to reprise her role for a play version of the film.

“To take it on the road? Or on Broadway? I wonder if we would be allowed?” she mused.

“That would be kind of amazing! I would be up for it. I’d be terrified, but I’d be up for it. And then you’d really be put to the test, to sing live. But we’d have to get the whole gang.”

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