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Emily Blunt: Segel loves being nude

Emily Blunt has joked Jason Segal is happy to get his "thing" out at all times.

The two stars appear alongside each other in The Five-Year Engagement, about a couple who are reluctant to wed.

Jason appears completely nude in the film and Emily believes he enjoyed shooting the scene.

"Jason was happy to get that thing out at all times," she laughed to E! Online. "He seems to be very willing."

Emily wasn't around when filming took place, something she is glad about. She is also yet to see how the scenes are featured in the final cut of the picture.

"I didn't want to see it!" she giggled.

"I don't know if they chose the wide shot or the close up. I don't know it they're gutsy enough."

On a more serious note, Emily explained how fun she found working with Jason. She counts him as a friend and was delighted they were able to team up.

"He's such a buffoon," she said. "He's my friend and he wrote it for us, and it was great because he knows my voice so he wrote it with me in mind, which is really fun."

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