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Emma Roberts: Cookbook queen

The actress jokes she has “100 cookbooks”.

The 23-year-old American Horror Story star rarely has time off. But when she does, you can usually find her clanking around pans in the kitchen. Unfortunately for friends and family, the results sometimes aren’t very tasty.

“Lately I have been enjoying time off… I literally have 100 cookbooks in my kitchen. I’m not the best baker but I love it,” she told Queen Latifah on the star’s new US talk show.

Emma admitted her confectionery skills are a “work in progress”. But she still makes some amateur mistakes.

“‘Oh! I forgot the sugar in the cookies!’” she mused of one unsuccessful attempt in the kitchen.

Emma baked a peach pie while visiting the show, admitting she often uses store-bought crust. Tossing flour into a bowl in attempt to make one from scratch, she laughed, “My goal is to get better at it and I’m working on it.”

Emma meanwhile is getting ready to return to the cast of American Horror Story after playing a witch in last season’s Coven.

The third season of the Ryan Murphy show will be Freak Show-themed. And the actress admitted in previously leaked interview clips from Latifah she’s feeling anxious about what role she might play.

"We don't know our characters and I'm kinda nervous... All the guys on the show make fun of me like, 'You're gonna be the bearded lady!'" she laughed.

The series is expected to premiere in the fall.

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