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Emma Roberts: I'm a bookworm

Emma Roberts got most of her education from being a bookworm.

The We're The Millers star has been making movies since she was ten. She found it hard to juggle school and working, but books were her saviour.

"It’s really hard to work and be in school. I know actresses do it, but I don’t know how they do it; it’s really hard to be present in both places," the 23-year-old explained to Refinery 29. "I really wanted to pursue working, but I’m never opposed to taking a class or something. I like to read a lot, so for me, I get most of my education from constantly reading on set. I try to read a book every couple of weeks because it keeps your memorisation good and improves your attention span.”

Her love of reading helped her secure her latest role in Palo Alto, where she plays a 14-year-old student called April. Emma bought the book the day it was released, when she was 17, and automatically knew it was a role she wanted to play.

"I read it in three days and thought, 'If they ever make this into a movie, I want to be in it,'" she told Teen Vogue.

"It felt very original - like something I hadn’t read in a long time. It was really capturing youth in a way that I felt was really honest, instead of using the formula that books about teenagers use," she added to Refinery 29.

Emma connected with the character despite April being her polar opposite. The niece of Julia Roberts had to fight her natural instincts during some of the film's scenes.

"I’m really outgoing and loud and she is really soft-spoken. I would have to remind myself that I wasn’t myself and to not laugh like the loudest person in the room," she smiled.

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