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Emma Roberts: Lea Michele is hilarious!

Emma Roberts says she couldn’t look at co-star Lea Michele while filming Scream Queens because she made her laugh so much.

The pair star together in the upcoming series Scream Queens. And while Glee actress Lea isn’t known for her comedic skills, Emma insists the latest project showcases an entirely different side of the 28-year-old.

“I can’t look at Lea in a scene because she makes me laugh,” Emma told Entertainment Weekly magazine. “She’s so funny. She’s honestly so genius with comedy. We’ll be doing a scene where I’ll be giving everyone my death glare and I’ll have to skip Lea because I’ll start cracking up. It’s been really fun to work with her because I was such a fan of Glee. She and I have really hit it off.”

Emma stars as Chanel – the president of the Kappa sorority at the fictional Wallace University. As the series progresses, several students are targeted by a terrifying masked killer.

The series is the latest offering from Ryan Murphy, who Emma previously worked with on American Horror Story.

And she says she has high hopes for the programme, which also stars Ariana Grande, Abigail Breslin and Jamie Lee Curtis.

“I think it’s just the perfect blend of horror, comedy, fashion,” she said. “It’s kind of the dream show. I remember saying to Ryan, ‘I thank you for casting me in this because if you didn’t I would be so mad at you because I love it so much.’

“It’s Mean Girls meets Friday the 13th. I think it’s laugh-out-loud funny, it’s edge-of-your-seat scary and everyone is wearing Chanel. What other reasons do you need?”

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