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Emma Stone: Be open about love

Emma Stone has told her fans to enjoy every second of their lives.

The Easy A star won over not just Hollywood and her fans with her part in The Amazing Spider-Man, but also her co-star Andrew Garfield. She has been dating the 30-year-old actor since 2011 and believes nothing should stand in the way of true love.

"Enjoy every second. And don't put off declarations of love!" she told German magazine Joy when quizzed what her life advice would be.

Emma, 25, plays Gwen Stacy in the superhero franchise and Andrew takes on the part of her onscreen boyfriend, Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Working with Andrew made the flame-haired actress realise that he was special.

"I like so much about Andrew, I wouldn't even know where to start," she smiled. "He's the best-prepared actor I have ever worked with and can completely transform himself for a role. That alone fascinates and inspires me completely. I learn a lot from him!"

Emma remains down to earth, despite having appeared in a huge blockbuster franchise. However, she is still thankful for how her life has changed since finding fame.

"I really appreciate the fact that I live in villas while I'm filming and that I can afford to live in New York, despite the horrendous rental prices," she admitted. "And that I can travel first class. I don't mean to brag by saying that, but it does make everything easier."

Andrew and Emma are fiercely private and recently cleverly avoided questions about their relationship when they appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show together. However, Emma did open up about falling in love with their onscreen characters recently.

"I could relate to that feeling, that all-encompassing, you'll-die-for-this-person first love. It's everything I felt in my first relationship, that total Romeo and Juliet story played out. I never had an opportunity to fall in love like that in a movie before," she previously told British newspaper The Guardian.

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