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Emma Stone: Fame is overwhelming

Emma Stone prefers not to think about her status in Hollywood as she feels too "overwhelmed".

The 24-year-old actress has starred in a string of movies including Superbad, Easy A, The Help and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Emma is one of the industry's hottest stars, but prefers not to look too much into her "position in Hollywood".

"I don’t know. When I think about that, it makes me feel so overwhelmed," she admitted to British newspaper The Metro.

"For so long, it’s just auditioning and taking what roles come to you. You take the opportunities as they come. It’s also overwhelming to know what to do next. To jump and fail requires a lot of bravery that I hope I can summon up."

There hasn't been one particular moment in Emma's life where she's felt "brave". However, she doesn't shy away from tackling day-to-day things that are tough.

"Any time I’ve been brave enough to be myself or express how I feel about a situation. Which includes being there for someone, or doing the best I can, or saying ‘no’. Sometimes saying ‘no’ is braver than saying ‘yes’ to something," she explained.

"But I don’t know that I’ve done the bravest thing – yet. Maybe when I moved to LA… but I was lucky that I had brave parents too. I was just a dreamer."

Emma made a PowerPoint presentation to convince her parents to let her leave school early and head off to Los Angeles to audition for film roles. The stunning star - who grew up in Arizona - is glad her plan had the desired effect.

"My father was the one that was, ‘You gotta go. Do it.’ My dad started a general contracting company from nothing in 1986. He did it on his own, on credit, went into debt and made this company – he’s a self-made man. So, with a businessman father, I was like, ‘A presentation is the way to get your point across,'" she smiled.

"I was definitely my father’s daughter on that one. He was immediately like, ‘Proud of you. Let’s do it!’"

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