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Emma Stone: I have fans?

Emma Stone called ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield a poet in a new interview that took place before their rumoured split.

The flame-haired beauty became an A-lister after starring in films such as The Help and The Amazing Spider-Man.

However, she still can't quite believe her fanbase appreciate her outside of work.

"I know what it is to be a fan. But I don't think I've ever really considered the idea of having fans. I think I'm always sort of ducking that, thinking it's more about the work[...] So I've never really taken it all that personally, as if it has something to do with me," she told Interview magazine.

"Maybe that's unwise. But when someone comes up to you and says something truly heartfelt about work you've done, that means a lot."

For the feature Emma was interviewed by fellow Hollywood heavyweight Diane Keaton. The chat took place before Emma's recent reported split from Andrew Garfield, so the romance was chatted about between the two women.

Diane brought up an observation Andrew had made about his former girlfriend, likening working with her to diving into a thrilling, twisting river.

"He is such a poet," Emma laughed. "But that's the way he writes in general. So I hear it and of course my heart swells up. And I also know that he writes things like that on a daily basis."

Andrew and Emma apparently split last month, after dating for nearly four years. It's been rumoured that Andrew was unfaithful to the 26-year-old, but neither have commented.

However Emma was recently spotted carrying a brown paper bag with Andrew's name written across the top, leading many to speculate she had picked something up for him and that all was not over.

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