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Emma Stone: I’ve seen so many tattoos

Emma Stone can understand why children with absent parents “implode”.

The actress stars in Birdman, playing the daughter of Michael Keaton, who portrays the former star of superhero movies, Riggan.

Her character, Sam, tries to deal with her washed-up actor father and his desire to get back into the limelight, having struggled with the lack of attention he paid her growing up and ending up in rehab. Having been around Hollywood since a teen, 26-year-old Emma had plenty of material to base her portrayal on.

“I knew people who had all kinds of pieces that led to her, like kids who decided to tattoo their hands at 19, as well as children of famous people who are always living in the shadow of their parents,” she explained to Deadline.

“[The play] Death of a Salesman came to me in the sense that Sam had this anger as a result of her father blowing her up full of hot air. Sam’s whole thing is that Riggan was never there, but he tried to make up for it by constantly telling her she was special in a way that was just false. And there’s this implosion that happens in people when they’ve been told they’re the best by someone who’s so absent.”

Emma has appeared in many different types of film, including comedy Superbad and The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Now she’s on Broadway in Cabaret, and the camaraderie she feels among the cast is what she loves about theatre.

“Everybody relies on each other and you’re just a cog in a machine and that feeling is so much better than being treated like a precious stone,” she explained, adding that Birdman had a similar feel to Cabaret.

“Oh, God! Stone! My last name! I made a pun! [Laughs] You’re just like another human being. It tends to be the bigger the budget, the more they tend to treat you as if you’re precious cargo, which is just silly.”

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