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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Emma Watson: I want to learn French

Emma Watson

Emma Watson admits she always has the same New Year's resolution.

The actress has been thinking about her goals for 2013, and says she is yet to fulfil one ambition. Emma was born in Paris and lived there until she was five, before she moved to England with her mother and brother when her parents divorced. The 22-year-old still feels a strong connection with France and wishes she could improve her understanding of the country's language.

"I always have the same New Year's resolution: to speak French fluently," she explained in an interview with the latest UK edition of Marie Claire. "I get a huge wave of nostalgia when I come into the Gare du Nord. There's such an emphasis on culture, art and music… And I'll do anything for a warm baguette."

Emma went on to confess that she is very tough on herself. She revealed she shares many of the characteristics of the hardworking witch she played in the Harry Potter franchise.

"My parents have very strong work ethics and have instilled that in me; a love and respect for what you do and taking pride in it. And then - and this is sort of irritating at times - I'm a bit OCD about perfectionism," she explained. "I'm my own worst critic. I think that's really hard, but it also spurs me on. I always want to do better. I'm always striving towards the next thing."

Although Emma puts herself under a lot of pressure, she has learned to pay less attention to what other people think. Growing up in the public eye has been tough for the actress, but she now feels more confident about trusting her own instincts.

"Now I feel a lot more settled in who I am and what I think and how I want to do things," she added. "And because I feel good about what I am doing, I don't need anyone else to say whether they think it's good or not. I think that comes with age, which is nice."

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