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Emmy Rossum gave cat diarrhoea

Shameless actress Emmy Rossum has shared what she and her female friends get up to together.

Actress Emmy Rossum felt like a hero when she fed what she thought was a stray cat, only to give it diarrhoea.

The Shameless star is known for her philanthropic nature as well as her acting, supporting causes such as YouthAIDS and The Best Friends Animal Society. For an article featured in America's Esquire magazine, Emmy listed 10 things people don't know about women, with one being that females are only interfering because they mean well. However, one such helpful incident didn't quite go to plan.

"There's an alley behind my gym, and I kept seeing these two cats there," she explained. "I started leaving bowls of food with the idea that I would befriend the cats and take them to a vet.

"One day this man came up, so p**sed off, and he told me that he lives in the alley with these cats. He said, 'I knew someone was feeding them because Daisy was having diarrhoea.' I thought I was being a hero, but I was the jerk giving a homeless guy's cat diarrhoea."

She also touched on women's love lives, admitting a lady will do "anything" to get out of a bad date. Recalling one example, Emmy once escaped a blind date with a man who quizzed her on being Jewish. But she does believe females love a guy opening a door for them - most of the time.

"Unless we are in a fight," she chimed in. "In that case, I CAN GET MY OWN DAMN DOOR."

As for what she and her girlfriends get up to in their spare time, Emmy listed their activities in ascending order of how embarrassing they are. First came drinking and crafting, followed by binging on reality TV show The Bachelor. The final and most embarrassing thing they partake in?

"Stalking the babies of our high school nemeses on social media," she revealed.

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