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Emmy Rossum: I’m not calculating

Emmy Rossum isn't "calculated" when it comes to choosing film roles, and would never accept a part to make an impression on an audience.

The brunette actress is famed for playing Fiona Gallagher in the Showtime dramedy Shameless. Emmy can next be seen on the big screen playing an evil witch named Ridley in new movie Beautiful Creatures.

Throughout her career, the star has portrayed a number of different characters, but insists that audience reaction isn't the driving force behind her choices.

"It’s funny because I don’t think of the effect it will have on people. I’m not calculated that way, I’m very much impulsive about what captures my imagination and what will be a good challenge," she revealed in an interview with

"That’s what I’m always looking for, what will be the next thing that will excite me, what is the next world that I want to jump into and what do I want to spend five months inhabiting... so this for me was really fun. Especially coming off [Fiona] in Shameless, who is such a selfless character, so unglamorous, to go play this selfish, glamorous witch was such an outside-of-the-box choice."

Emmy was desperate for the role of Ridley in Beautiful Creatures, which also stars Viola Davis and Emma Thompson.

The 26-year-old beauty wanted to get her teeth stuck into a part that was far removed from anything she'd done before.

"It was very much something that I was targeting as a part that I really wanted, it wasn’t something that fell into my lap at all," she admitted.

"I really wanted to play this role because it was so fun and campy and larger than life and glamorous. Kind of underneath it all it had this childish, teenage, b***hy quality, which I thought was so interesting as a villain."

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