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Emmy Rossum: Love isn’t about fate

Emmy Rossum takes a very scientific stance when it comes to love at first sight.

The 27-year-old has just finished filming Comet, a movie that breaks traditional rom-com rules by asking complex questions about the nature of relationships.

Despite meeting her current boyfriend Sam Esmail, who directed the film, on set, Emmy's take on romance is practical.

"I believe in pheromones and hormones, and I believe you could be happy with a number of people," she explained to Refinery 29.

"But, your life could look very different with those people. At 16 though? Back then, I definitely believed in stuff like fate."

Emmy plays Kimberly, who falls madly in love with Dell, portrayed by Justin Long. The film is set in a parallel universe and then follows the couple's ups and downs over the course of six years.

"Watching the movie reminds me of every relationship I've been in," she revealed. "From the first time you kissed and the magic at the beginning to how messed up it got, and how messed up you were."

Alongside her movie career, the actress has a lead role in TV show Shameless. She recently opened up about co-star William H. Macy and how collaborative the whole process of filming is.

“Macy is not afraid to ask our crewmembers, ‘Did you think that was funny?’ And that’s kind of the best lesson: It doesn’t matter where a good idea comes from,” she explained.

“The most moving thing is when a crewmember who maybe hasn’t said two words to me, ever, comes up to me after a scene and goes, ‘You know what? That was really good.’ That will make me feel like a 100 million bucks because they see it all day, every day for 30 years.”

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