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Emmy Rossum: Nerds need love

Emmy Rossum believes looking past a partner’s looks is crucial to discovering fulfilling romance.

The 27-year-old Shameless star has dated co-star Tyler Jacob Moore and Counting Crows musician Adam Duritz in the past.

And Emmy confesses one thing many of her romances have in common is nerdiness in abundance.

"I'm kinda more attracted to the nerd," she told People magazine.

"I'm really into guys who are super smart and funny and can teach me something I don't know about."

Emmy doesn’t believe love should start or end with good looks, as the actress is convinced character is most important.

"Girls, and guys too, are so shallow that we don't give a chance to the good guy who's maybe not as cute," she explained. "They're kinda like a fixer-upper apartment."

Emmy then went on to encourage sexy single ladies to open their hearts to a partner they may not have ever envisioned themselves with.

If a man happens to be a little scruffy, the thespian suggests performing a loving style revamp.

"You need to pick the guy who's really good inside and then give him a makeover," she advised. "Turn him into the perfect version of himself. You can never change what's inside, that's the problem. You can change their jacket and their hairstyle, and buy them a Clarisonic."

Emmy is a divorcée. She split from her music executive ex-husband Justin Siegel after two years of marriage in 2010.

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