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Emmy Rossum: Of course I fall for co-stars

Emmy Rossum isn't fazed by dating a co-star, and says it's only natural when you work with someone a lot.

The American actress has been working in the industry since she was seven years old, so has grown up around actors and performers.

She married music executive Justin Siegel in 2008, but they split the following year. Emmy went on to date her Shameless co-star Tyler Jacob Moore, but the pair ended things in 2013.

Last year she met director Sam Esmail, who helmed her film Comet, and they went on to become a couple.

"Dating a co-star is only natural," Emmy mused to the American edition of OK! magazine. "When you have things in common with people, when the same things inspire you, it's only natural that you would fall for somebody who has similar interests."

Part of the 27-year-old's reasoning for falling for a partner on set is the amount of hours you spend around them.

Emmy also points out that when you have an intense shooting schedule, you're left with very little time to socialise.

"When you're working 18 hours a day, six days a week, it's very difficult to meet someone, except at work. But there's a big danger in that too. If it doesn't work out, then things can be incredibly awkward. I'm lucky enough that my togetherness and my breakups [including with Tyler] have been very amicable and we always put work first," she revealed.

The cast of Shameless are incredibly close, so Emmy finds it hard to feel too low when she's filming.

Part of the group bond involves playing practical jokes on each other, though Emmy admits sometimes they can go a bit far.

"The Shameless cast members are constantly playing pranks on each other. Steve Howey took a dirty diaper from his child and hid it in Justin Chatwin's dressing room drawer, and [Justin] couldn't figure out for days where the smell was coming from," she laughed.

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