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Emmy Rossum reveals ghostly hotel stay

Emmy Rossum believes she once shared a hotel room with the ghost of Michael Jackson.

The American actress described the spooky yet hilarious incident that took place in a hotel she stayed in while visiting Moscow.

The 26-year-old was appearing on US talk show Chelsea Lately when she revealed her strange encounter with the late singer.

"[I remember it was] very cold. We were in Moscow and we stayed in this hotel called the Metropol. So they put me in this room that looked like it was from The Shining [horror film]," Emmy laughed to host Chelsea Handler.

"Then they said to me, 'This is a very important room for us because Michael Jackson stayed here 20 years ago'. I was like 'OK...' There was this weird sauna type steam room in the back of the room too. So I go back to the hotel later that night and I'm trying to sleep then there was this weird creaking noise 'oooohh' coming from the bathroom. I was jetlagged and confused! Then I rolled over onto this bear that a Russian fan had given me and it started singing in this creepy Russian voice. So what with the Michael Jackson ghost, jet lag and the bear I was like a wreck. I felt like Michael Jackson was going to come out of that steam room at any moment. [The funny thing is] You know he really could!"

The Shameless actress has previously revealed her desire to go into space. The star admits that her space travel ambition is a motivation to work out regularly.

"I want to go into outer space," Emmy admitted. "The way I see it is that in a few years, going into space is going to be as common place as saying to a friend, 'Hey fancy seeing the next Melissa McCarthy movie or going to space and popping to Mars!' So I want to be in good enough shape so that when that time comes I will be ready for that trip."

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