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Ethan Hawke becomes silver fox in specs

Ethan Hawke doesn't know how he drove before getting his new glasses.

The American actor, 44, has aged incredibly well since hitting the limelight in the 90s and still has women swooning over his dapper looks.

His latest film Boyhood only proves this, as it was filmed over a 12-year period, beginning when Ethan was 32. Amazingly, he still looked the same at the end of shooting.

Despite this, recent events have made him feel a little old.

"That's nice, but that's not true! First you say you'd want to watch the movie until I die, sounds kind of like a compliment but kinda not," he grinned to Jimmy Kimmel after being told he doesn't age throughout the film.

"I went in to get fitted for glasses the other day which was... I know people say this, but when it happens to you... Well, it's not just reading glasses, the whole thing's going!

"But it's weird when you just start to become your father; they fit them and I picked these glasses and I really liked them and I looked in the mirror and I could finally see myself! Like you, I thought I wasn't ageing and I got these glasses and I was like, 'Wow, I look just like my dad!' And now I bring them with me everywhere. I don't know what I was doing, I shouldn't have been driving!"

Although the females in the crowd screamed with joy when he put on his thick-rimmed specs, Ethan's wife thinks he looks like a serial killer in them.

Boyhood has done amazingly well since its release this year; earlier this week it scooped best film, best director for Richard Linklater and best supporting actress for Patricia Arquette at the New York Film Critics Awards. It was a big journey for Ethan and he enjoyed the drawn-out shoot.

"I'm 44 now and I was 32 when we started, right? And I think if when I was 32 I was asked to play a 44-year-old, I think I would've put on a big poncho and greyed my hair and had a cane and [puts on a voice of an elderly person] would've been like, 'Oh, hello Jimmy!'" he explained on the topic of many movies filming the last scene first.

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