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Ethan Hawke: Fame isn't worth it

Ethan Hawke says that he is thankful he is "mostly left alone."

The 41-year-old actor has been in the movie business for several years and stars in upcoming film Total Recall.

He tells Prestige magazine that fame comes with the territory of what he does but it is not what it's cracked up to be.

"I'm mostly left alone," he told the publication. "Mostly it's a positive. But I'm not Elvis Presley, I'm not Tom Cruise. There's another level people aspire to but I think it's a giant trick. I don't think it's worth aspiring for. I'm very happy with what I have."

Ethan has four children; two with ex-wife Uma Thurman and two with his new wife and says he's learned a lot over the years about raising a family.

"I try not to be desperate at all with anything with the kids," he explained. "Having four of them you see how little control you have."

"When I had my first, I thought my parenting was so important but when you have four of them you realise human beings are so completely themselves, they are so unique unto themselves, that it doesn't have that much to do with you."

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