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Eva Green: Why I rejected von Trier

Eva Green was disappointed to turn down the chance to work with Lars von Trier, but his lack of compromise on sex scenes made up her mind.

Eva decided against working with the notorious director on his 2009 movie Antichrist, after portraying an overtly sexual character in a previous movie, The Dreamers. She decided she didn't want people to continually talk about the sex scenes she'd shot.

“After The Dreamers, I think people would have been very nasty to me if I [had done Antichrist],” she revealed to The Edit. “People always talk about the sex. You have a sex scene and they’re like, ‘Oh my god, there’s sex.’ So I’ve decided not to have a sex scene for a while, because you feel like it’s the only thing people remember. I feel very vulnerable.”

Lars was openly disappointed about the dismissal, but Eva said it just couldn't be helped.

While working with the Nymphomaniac director would have been a career highlight for the 33-year-old star, he didn't want to compromise on the film's graphic scenes.

"Lars von Trier was my God. I loved everything that he’d done, it was my dream and fantasy to work with him, but I didn’t want to do certain things. I was asking questions and not being a puppet. There were a lot of sexual things where I was like, ‘Really? I’m not sure; is there another way to make it work?’ and he was like, ‘Nobody questions my authority.’ Brutal," she sighed.

The French actress is currently lighting up TV screens in Penny Dreadful, a gothic thriller set in Victorian London, co-starring Josh Hartnett and Timothy Dalton.

With movies such as Casino Royale and 300: Rise of an Empire under her belt, Eva clearly commands the star power that box office hits require. But she confesses that her love for independent movies will always draw her back to low-budget features.

"As actors, we sometimes have to make political choices and it’s helpful to do both. It’s good to do the big machine films because they will be seen by so many people, and then do little things to satisfy the heart," she smiled.

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