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Eva Longoria 'considering motherhood'

Eva Longoria is reportedly making family plans with her boyfriend.

The actress has been romancing Eduardo Cruz - the brother of actress Penélope Cruz - for around a year. They are said to be considering having children, with 36-year-old Eva keen to become a mother before too long.

"Eva's biological clock is ticking fast and she's eager to start a family with Eduardo. She's had trouble conceiving in the past so she's opened herself up to the idea of adopting or even using a surrogate if she can't get pregnant and Eduardo is cool with that," a source told National Enquirer.

The pair have even discussed their parenting style and where they will raise their family. However, they are not considering tying the knot anytime soon.

"They've talked about raising their kids part time in LA and part time in Eduardo's native Spain. Eduardo isn't pressurising Eva to tie the knot right now but hopes she'll eventually want to," the insider added.

Eva began dating Eduardo after her marriage to Tony Parker fell apart. She discovered he had been texting another woman throughout their union.

The actress apparently feels totally secure with Eduardo but is in no rush to marry again.

"Eva knows in her hart that Eduardo is The One and calls him her soul mate. She believes he'll make a great father because he's very hands-on with other people's kids," the source explained.

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